Sellers Victoria's Secret stores forbidden to catch thieves

Sellers • Victoria's Secret stores forbidden to catch thieves

Sellers Victoria's Secret stores forbidden to catch thieves

If you type in the Google query Victoria's Secret of shoplifting, you will find a bunch of stories and videos on how to steal underwear and other products of the brand stores Victoria's Secret in the US. Moreover, according to the sellers themselves, this is a common situation and it does not surprise them.

An employee store in South Florida, said that every day sees buyers steal. However, it can not do anything about it, even if the theft occurs in her eyes. It turns out that the brand Victoria's Secret strict policy, according to which the sellers in any case should not approach to the buyer or any other means to convict him of theft.

Those workers who do not follow this rule risk losing their jobs. The publication Business Insider has learned of at least about five sellers who are fired for non-brand policy.

The representative of Victoria's Secret has confirmed the publication that the sales assistants are instructed not to approach the thief and not to engage in conversation with them directly. Instead, they have time to report incidents of theft team for the Protection of goods, which works together with the police and then sues.

Sellers should carefully observe and report the exact time and place of the theft to the manager, which communicates with the security team. If they try to stop the theft, they can be fired.

"No matter how much they steal, we get fired, if we do not comply with company policy," - said Anisii Galindo (Anicya Galindo), who worked in the past a shop assistant in California in the store Victoria's Secret.

Sellers Victoria's Secret stores forbidden to catch thieves

"There are some who come every week to the store and literally in the face you say," I've been stealing time. " There were times when visitors have looked into my eyes quietly even after I noticed that they had just put in the bag 10 spirits of 68 dollars. And my manager I only said: "We have to let them go and hope that they will put it all back. '"

This policy towards theft exists and giants such as Walmart and Macy's. They do not protect their workers and try by all means to prevent a situation where the buyer can unjustly accused of stealing.

Sellers Victoria's Secret stores forbidden to catch thieves

According to Anis, sometimes customers come into the store, stealing, and then went to the cashier and demanded repayment of the amount. "And since we had no right to them in any way to blame, we had to give money at the lowest selling price of the gift card."

Such rules, according to some workers, have led to an unpleasant working atmosphere.

"Because of the easy opportunities steal some of my colleagues have ceased to perceive their job seriously and that the worst thing for the others we have become the laughing stock of the present."

As a result, experts say, brands such rules can become a cause of the growing number of more aggressive shoplifting. In 2015 he became a viral video where a group of nine people comes in Ulta store (chain of beauty stores in the US) and in minutes takes all the products on display.

"I think the sellers are most concerned about their own safety - shared anise. - I've had buyers who stole and became aggressive or waiting for me later in the parking lot. "