Best places of the earth salted

• The most salty places of the earth

Many people mistakenly believe only the seas and oceans largest salt suppliers. Yes, 96% of all the water falls on the world's oceans. It comprises thousands of billions of tons of dissolved salts, and its salinity is constantly changing. At the poles of the snow and ice is significantly diluted the composition of water. But there are places on the planet, which differ much higher concentration of salt.

Best places of the earth salted

Salt Road


Salt Road (Via del Sale) stretches along the western coast of Sicily, a few tens of kilometers. Salt production is still done by traditional methods, it has not changed in two thousand years. Blue dripped small reservoirs which fills seawater. Evaporates, it leaves only salt on the surface.

Best places of the earth salted

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá


Unique salt Park is located near the capital of Colombia, Bogota. The main attraction of the park is the Salt Cathedral, hidden on a two hundred meter depth. Walls, interior decoration and decorative elements entirely made of mineral.

Best places of the earth salted

The Dead Sea


The abundance of dissolved minerals destroys any microorganisms trapped here. Coastal lake rock poured crystallized sodium chloride: water evaporates here sun decorating shore intricate fractal pattern. It is the deepest in the world (330 meters) hypersaline lake. In recent years, the size of the reservoir has declined significantly, but the Israeli geologists believe that soon the situation will stabilize.

Best places of the earth salted

Don Juan Pond


Pond water Don Juan 44% consist of saline. The depth of the reservoir is only 10 centimeters, and hypersaline reasons scientists can not understand until now. It was accidentally discovered geologist Jay Dixon, who then spent years studying the pond.

Best places of the earth salted

Salar de Uyuni


The world's largest salt reserve is located in Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni covers an area of ​​10,500 square kilometers. This is all that remains from the prehistoric megaozera. Pool paved swollen hexagonal crystals salts extending to the horizon. Under the unshakable bark is going to brine rich in minerals. Among other things, it contains half the world's supply of lithium.

Best places of the earth salted

Lake Eyre


In fact, in the south of Australia, a network of lakes scattered kind - Eyre, Torrens, Frome and Geyrdener. The country is considered one of the world's largest exporters of salt: produced 11 million tons of material annually. 90% of the product goes to foreign markets.

Best places of the earth salted

Goderich Salt Mine


mine exploitation company engaged in Compass Minerals. Its depth (549 meters) is comparable to the famous CN Tower, located in Toronto. The mine covers an area of ​​7 square kilometers and produces 7, 25 million tons of salt annually.