Miracles of evolution: What would people in 1000

• The wonders of evolution: What would people through

1000 years

Miracles of evolution: What would people in 1000

People continue to evolve. What does this evolution will result in a thousand years? Most futurologists converges in the following:

Most likely, people will become higher. This is what happens the last 130 years.

In 1880, for example, the average growth of European men was 170 cm. Now it has reached almost 178 cm.

Also, it is likely that people will be to implant devices that will improve their hearing, sight, health, and much more. Already, there are hearing aids that can record sounds, to create white noise. Some even come with a built-in phone.

Another example - the development team of scientists from the University of Oregon, working to create a bionic eye to allow blind people to see. Today, it is easy to imagine how the same technology can be a means to see what the average person can not see: infrared and X-rays, for example.

Eventually, the day will come when the prosthesis will be used not only to people with disabilities.

However, to change not only the appearance of people: our genes will also evolve. For example, during a study conducted by Oxford University discovered a group of HIV-infected children in South Africa who lived a healthy life. It turned out that their organisms have developed protection against HIV, the virus which prevents turn into AIDS.

It is possible that we will learn to control our genes and DNA in such a way as to protect themselves from the disease or even prevent aging. There is a way to speed up the evolution: to move a group of people to Mars. Mars receives 66 percent less sunlight than Earth. This means that people who will be living on Mars will increase the pupils, they will absorb more light. And because there is less gravitational field by 38 percent, people who were born on Mars, will be higher. In space, the liquid separating the vertebrae, increases. This fact has forced the American aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin suggests that the weak gravity of Mars may allow the spine to elongate so that people will add a few tens of centimeters in height.

However, even the flight to Mars will not be able to accelerate the evolution of the way that people have become immortal in the next thousand years. To become immortal, people have most likely to download his consciousness into the machine. Already, scientists from Italy and China are experimenting with animals trying to transfer their consciousness from one body to another. According to statements of scientists, their next big step will be to transfer human consciousness.

Whatever happens over the next thousand years - we solomsya with machines or turn them - one thing is certain. People are always changing, and the sooner we shall be changed and uydom beyond Earth, the more our chances to avoid extinction.