Ksenia Rappoport women

• Ksenia Rappoport women

Ksenia Rappoport women

1. In fact, women should know as little as possible.

2. Although, if a woman is married, it is worth knowing.

3. In this one does not believe, but there are women who are indifferent to jewelry.

4. If a woman says, "I have nothing to wear", which means that it is really nothing to wear.

5. Do not think that an independent, strong-willed woman do not need anyone. Better to imagine what you could accomplish together.

6. Some women even know how to sharpen knives.

7. A woman is always sincere, even when she's lying.

8 Some compliments discourage the desire to continue the dialogue.

9. Any of your assumptions about what a woman thinks, are wrong.

10. Being a woman is harder and more interesting than a man.