How to become particularly attractive to the opposite sex

How to become particularly attractive to the opposite sex

According to science, there are five key factors that affect a person more attractive to the opposite sex:

1. Sense of humor

The fact that a sense of humor makes a person more attractive - not news. However, as it turned out, by itself, the concept of "sense of humor", men and women understand differently.

Women tend to say that a man has "a good sense of humor," if he is able to make them laugh. Men, by contrast, is considered an indicator of a sense of humor in women the ability to roar with laughter at each of their jokes.

The researchers found that the ability to come up with the severity of the woman subconsciously associate with men of intelligence level. That is a kind of rapid test, the evolution of the waste, which allows you to quickly determine whether or not to communicate with the applicant "on the hand and heart" and if he had intelligence enough to provide all the necessary offspring.

So that the men - more kidding, women - feel free to laugh at the jokes of men who are nice to you.

2. The interest in a potential partner

Science says: the best strategy to win someone's attention - it gently to demonstrate his special favor to a certain person. According to the research, 90 per cent of love began with the discovery that the future "subject" takes him / her increased interest. This effect is associated with other popular effect - "a game of inaccessibility". The essence of this game is to inspire someone who is nice to you, that interest you, "Well sooooo difficult", but that communication with him / her somehow gives you a lot of fun.

3. Talk Subject

If you want to win someone's liking, choose a subject for conversation to the mind.

Psychologist at the University of New York Stony Brook has developed a system that allows strangers to each other people get to know each other so well that they were beginning to feel like close friends and kindred spirits in just one hour of communication. That is, Brooke managed to fit in an hour something that in ordinary life takes months, even years. The secret is simple - he made a list of 36 questions that participants in the experiment asked each other. The person with whom you share the emotional and personal information becomes friends and family in record time for you.

4. The nature of

Scientists have found that, although a fair and binding people take the best spouses and parents, more sex appeal, sadly, have the "bad boys" and "Bad Girls."

This again is due to the evolution and embedded within us the desire for procreation. People capable of creating a stable relationship, nor to attract a large number of partners. Another thing people conflict and quarrelsome - they tend to acquire a greater number of romantic relationships, so as not to be left alone. The inability to create "high-quality" relationship they compensate for the number of connections.

5. "Emotional transference"

According to the findings of psychologists, is that we fall in love with another person, we only think. In fact, we fall in love with their own feelings, who feel close to this man.

It turns out that our body is naive to horror. And deceive at every turn. For example, if you suddenly afraid, your brain can be deceived and interpret heart palpitations and sweaty palms as a sign of excitement in the presence of someone who at that moment happened to be near.

Researchers Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron asked his assistant to approach different men under the pretext of taking part in an opinion poll. After that she had, again under the pretext, to foist their subjects telefonchik. Park was chosen for the experiment, in which there was a long suspension bridge over a very deep canyon.

First assistant suited to those who walked sedately along alleys or sat on benches. Then - to those who were in the process of moving on terrible rickety bridge over a chasm with fast mountain river.

It turned out that the more willing to engage in dialogue, and later more often (five times!) Called with an offer to meet those men to whom the assistant approached while crossing the bridge, that is, at the moment of strong emotional excitement (go really terrible, it seems - one wrong move and you sorvoshsya into the abyss). Their brain mistakenly interpreted its own excitement and heart palpitations as a desire for a beautiful woman. So if you imagine someone looked after - drag her / him to the worst of the horror. The worse will be your sweetheart, the more attractive your image engraved in his / her memory.

But the horror is not the only opportunity to influence your choice of a sexual partner.

Let's say you went to the romantic drama. And the saddest moment suddenly (if you're a girl) burst into tears. And your companion, of course, will sign you into your soothing arms. And ... at this point level of testosterone decreases as knocked down. It turns out that women's tears contain a hormone that blunts the male libido.

Scientists who have studied this phenomenon, its origins are linked to the evolution. They believe that in prehistoric times, when man was still strong in the verbal expression of feelings, tears were the equivalent of the words "no" or "not now".