Stylish Queen from around the world

How are the five beautiful, fashionable, smart and our favorite queens from all over the world: Europe, Asia and the East.

Stylish Queen from around the world

Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen of Jordan

47 years

Stylish Queen from around the world

The future queen was born in the family pediatrician, far from the court as much as possible. In the arms of the king Rania has led not origin, and career ambitions: a graduate of the American University of Cairo, where Rania studied business management, started working at Citibank bank. In Jordan, the representative of the bank owned by Princess Aisha, the sister of King Abdullah II. Successful employee made friends with his powerful boss and once received an invitation to dinner at the house of a princess and her husband. There's something Rania, and met with the then Prince Abdullah II, with the whom she married in 1993. Six years later, Abdullah became king, and Rania - the first lady of the Jordan. Even before the wedding, her husband's grandmother, Queen Zayn, grandson of the bride called "the diamond of their dynasty" - and it is better not say about Rania.

Leticia, Queen of Spain

45 years

Stylish Queen from around the world

Leticia grew up in a family of a journalist and a nurse and decided to follow his father's footsteps. Choice of profession, as it turned out, proved to be fatal. In 2002, Leticia was filming a report on the coast Galissii about the crash of a large oil tanker, and Felipe, the then Prince, arrived there as a representative of the royal family. The prince fell in love once and for all, but his parents, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, refused to take seriously divorced journalist and did not give blessing to the marriage. Then Felipe set a condition: either Leticia would be his wife, and he abdicated. Monarchs had to make concessions, and in 2004 in Madrid took place the wedding of Prince and his beloved. A year after the wedding to Princess Leonor was born, and in 2007 the couple's second daughter was born - Infanta Sofia. In 2014, Felipe and Leticia became king and queen.

Matilda, Queen of Belgium


Stylish Queen from around the world

In contrast to the previous queens from our list, Matilda - girl blue bloods. Her father - Earl Patrick Henry d'Udekem d'Akoz, mother - Polish countess Anna Komorowska. With the future king and her husband Philip Mathilde met on a tennis court in the mid-90s, and the first time a couple hiding from the press better than secret agents. But in 1999 in Brussels died down wedding of Prince and Countess, and in 2013 Philip came to the throne. By the time the freshly baked queen was the mother of four children, UNICEF and the UN envoy, as well as the style of the model for Belgian women.

Jetsun Pema, the Queen of Bhutan

27 years

Stylish Queen from around the world

This queen - again "simple". Jetsun Pema beauty - daughter of the pilot. Family king girl was related through his mother, niece, wife of the second king of Bhutan, the great-grandfather of the current king Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Jetsun husband. As he tells the young king, his future wife, he saw one of the holidays, when she was only 7 years old ...! Prince was an older girl of 10 years, but even then drew attention to the beauty, baby. When the girl turned 21, she married Jigme, who by that time had been the King of Bhutan. Becoming Queen, the girl did not leave education: she studied international relations at the University of London's Regent.

Jetsun gave birth to a son - Prince Jigme Wangchuk Namguel, which was the sweetest kid kingdom.

Lalla Salma, Queen of Morocco

39 years

Stylish Queen from around the world

Legally Lalla Salma is the title of Princess, but she is the wife of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and the first lady. Lalla - a real Cinderella East. The daughter of a school teacher, in the three years remaining without a mother, living with her grandmother. Learn to be an engineer, she trained at the company Omnium Nord Africain, in which the royal family has a stake. In 1999, on one of the closed corporate Lalla and I met her future husband. That year was definitely happy to Muhammad: he became king, and he met his future queen. Lalla friends with Queen Rania and, as it promotes an image among the citizens of the emancipated women of the East: studying languages, drives a car, playing sports, and, of course, follows the fashion.