"A lesbian or heterosexual?". Let's understand what sexual orientation have provided below beauties?

Let's be honest with ourselves, all do not care who is sleeping with whom. Each has its own life, and each of her lives as it sees fit. However, this option is more related to the average person who lives an ordinary and nothing no remarkable life. And what do those who every day lives under the gun cameras? Of course, your every move, especially with whom you go by the hand, to be published in newspapers and various social networks. When it comes to sexual preferences, there is always some understatement. Today we have gathered to dispel it. So, we present you some beauties that clearly will surprise you.

Ellen Page - Lesbian

Ellen Page - is a talented Canadian actress who is known for his roles in such films as "Juno," "Lollipop," "All that I have." Her charisma and charm combined with its considerable talent - that's exactly why we love this beautiful actress. Once in a social network on his page Ellen Page wrote: "To hide their sexual orientation became for me a terrible burden. The fact that I did it, just hurt my career and me. " We believe that everyone is obliged to choose with whom he wants to live his life itself. It does not matter whether it is male or female. Paige surprisingly courageous girl, because after a long silence, she was able to talk to and inspire others to not be silent.

Oprah Winfrey - hetero

Oprah Winfrey, without a doubt, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry. The state of this black beauty is more than three billion dollars. She is the owner of several media, as well as one of the most influential women in the world. Her knowledge, wisdom and determination always been inspired by a very large number of people. For many years, very often there were rumors that Winfrey is in a relationship with her close friend Gayle King. Some print publications were full of the news that Oprah is a lesbian. But judging by an interview given by a woman about this, Winfrey and Gayle are really just good friends. Oprah has always advocated a supporter of the LGBT community, so we believe that it simply would not make sense there is something to hide.

Sarah Paulson - a lesbian

Sarah Paulson - a surprisingly beautiful, smart and charming actress. Many people know this woman on the famous TV series "American Horror Story". Sarah never hid their sexual orientation. She was in a relationship with a girl almost five years, but the couple broke up in 2009. At the moment, Paulson meets with 74-year-old Holland Taylor. Sarah always frankly admits that she is a lesbian and proud of the fact that it is part of the LGBT community. With his beloved Sarah Holland found not so long ago, but despite this, the actress openly shows how much she was in love.

Lindsay Lohan - hetero

In fact, Lindsay Lohan - this is one of the biggest disappointments in the industry. Exclusively her fault that gave her acting career slowly die. Lohan is best known for his play in such roles as "The Parent Trap," "The perfect toy," "Scary Movie". In an interview, Lindsay said: "Never say never. I am a very spontaneous person and I like to try a lot of things. " At Lohan had a relationship with the girl, but, judging by what she says, it was a very bad experience and she still prefers men. Given the fact that Lindsay is very unpredictable woman, that is to say at once that in the future we are a hundred percent sure that Lohan will be seen in a lot of different scandals.

Jane Lynch - Lesbian

Jane Lynch - a terrific actress who is known for many roles in television series and films such as "The Losers," "The L Word," "Angel from hell" and so on. Lynch - it's an amazing woman who is openly gay, and very zealously supported the LGBT community. In an interview, she said she always liked to dress in unisex clothes, and as a child always change into pirates and knights on Halloween.

Jada Pinkett Smith - hetero

Jada Pinkett Smith - actress, who is married to another famous actor Will Smith. Around the pair swarming mass of rumors. Some said that Will - the gay and Jada - Lesbian, and their marriage is in fact fictitious; each of them have a partner, and their life together - just a screen behind which they hide their orientation. Others argued that this pair is the swingers. In an interview with Jada Smith he decided to turn to the public and said: "I read a lot about what we write about some of the media. Some made my husband and I just laugh, while others cause fury, but in any case, I declare to the whole country, that I'm not a lesbian, but I love my husband, and he, in turn, loved me. "