Features of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

• Features of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

There are people who came to the world with our near and distant stars, from other dimensions, within them great wisdom, that they can use as soon as you remember who they really are. Star children are different, and are divided into three categories or generations: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Features of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

Regardless of the generation, star kids have as much to do, and a lot of differences. Let's see the features in the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. Can you carry yourself to someone of them?

Indigo Children

Indigo children have appeared in the world since the late 50's to early 70-ies of XX century. They are known as the creators of a new path, which distracted humanity from the militarized thinking and brought peace.

Indigo children - children with a warrior spirit, that sense of generosity makes them at times seem arrogant.

In fact, Indigo seek to overturn the traditional idea of ​​the state, education, and even the legal system. They - the people protest paved the way for the Reformation.

The main features of the Indigo children:

  • volitional
  • stubborn
  • intuitive
  • creative
  • impatient
  • ability to sense deception
  • rebellious, but having a clear personal boundaries and values ​​them above all
  • in childhood, they often are diagnosed with hyperactivity, attention deficit, because their body is working at a much higher and faster rate than most people

Crystal Children

Such children are often born from parents of Indigo. For example, my mother - an absolute Indigo. Mother was born in the late 50's and it is - a real warrior.

And I? I am a Crystal child in its pure form - generation star children, in many ways is the antithesis of Indigo. Crystal children are mostly born between 1980 and 2010, although sometimes born today.

At Crystal children big eyes often change color, a sign of "old soul." Such children are pure, indulgent, patient and full of compassion. Unfortunately, they are also very sensitive and susceptible to emotional overload, often do not like direct communication and prefer to be alone.

The main features of the Crystal Children:

  • usually appear in the parents Indigo
  • emotional and sensitive
  • intuitive
  • musical and artistic
  • are often suffering from allergies
  • loving solitude
  • is better to find a common language with children younger than himself and with animals
  • put comfort above fashion
  • can not stand the crowd
  • may be bisexual or homosexual
  • are often labeled "autistic" because of their introvertiveness, smirnosti and sensitivity of

Rainbow Children

This latest generation of star children, appeared on planet Earth. Never lived in the third dimension, or on this planet before, these children are still adjusting to life here and often turn to Crystal for advice.

However, unlike previous generations, the Rainbow children at an early age to easily master the art of dance, martial arts, playing the piano, languages ​​and understanding complex theorems. Rainbow kids - the other, they have a higher spiritual level. These children have risen so high that Indigo is often difficult to understand them.

The main features of Rainbow children:

  • immersed in a world of
  • capable of very fast train
  • full of love and generosity of
  • have compassion
  • vigorously
  • as well as at the Crystal children have big eyes
  • at an early age may be a problem with communication
  • extremely quiet
  • very brave and bold

Since the Rainbow children are often considered the last fragment of mosaic, I think, for all the star of children is important to come together and feed off each other's energy.

Indigo children - the opposite of the Crystal Children, Rainbow children are somewhere in between. Not surprisingly, that dark indigo aura, at the Crystal children - lighter and Rainbow absorb and radiate the entire light spectrum.

Well, you find yourself among these children? Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child? Age is of no importance, Starchild Skull can wake up in you at any time.

Most importantly, once you understand who you really are, you can learn to control this energy and you use these gifts to their advantage. Together we can help the world move towards a brighter future, and spiritually rich.