Movies about girls who are "bought"

• Films about girls who are "bought"

March 1 is a film "Buy me" - a picture of Vadim Perelman Svetlana Ustinova, Julia and Anna Hlynina Adamovich in the lead roles. This is a film about three girls who want to change lives and to become "happy". Happiness in understanding heroines - it expensive cars and rich men behind the wheel, sex, love and money. For the premiere we remembered movies and TV shows that tell of other girls who "bought".

Movies about girls who are

The series "call girl"


Movies about girls who are

The series, filmed by the eponymous film by Steven Soderbergh and produced by it, create a stir in 2016. The main character played by Kylie Rio - granddaughter of Elvis Presley - day working in a large law firm, and in the evening engaged in escort, earning 2-3 thousand dollars a night at an expensive restaurant, and a room with a bottle of champagne.

"I am very serious about what how to spend their time", - says Christine, a pragmatic approach to the issue of wages.

The series does not attempt to moralize and to show the underside of a "dirty business." The creators rather talk about modern men and women, offering the viewer to "diagnose".

"pretty baby"


Movies about girls who are

The main actress of the film about the brothel Brooke Shields was only 13 years old! In the drama, she plays the daughter of a prostitute, who do not mind to put her virginity up for auction his child among the regular customers of the brothel. The girl, who grew up in a brothel, and she does not see anything wrong, to start a career in this way. It is interesting that the very Brooke Shields, by his own admission, lost her virginity only 22 years old.



Movies about girls who are

The Russian film "Point" had a strong cast: Daria Moroz, Viktoria Isakova, Mikhail Efremov, Irina Rakhmanov and Anna Ukolov. There is no white sheets and wine in slender glasses. Instead - violent scenes from the life of women who sell love. As the basis for the drama "Buy me", the three girls on their way to "the good life".



Movies about girls who are

"Encyclopedia" night butterflies "time adjustment". The main character - "currency prostitute" who dreams of escape from the vicious circle, to marry a foreigner and leave the country. She comes to his goal and left for Switzerland, but happiness does not find. Expensive items, home comfort and even a loving husband will not save us from boredom.

"Pretty Woman"


Movies about girls who are

Where do without the genre classics with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere - one of the brightest pair of Hollywood movie! It's the classic story of Cinderella, which may seem implausible, but the scenes in shops and soundtrack - something for which you can review the "Pretty Woman".