The history of the most terrible experience of sleeping in history

• The history of the most terrible experience of sleeping in the history of

The history of the most terrible experience of sleeping in history

For many years on the English site of horror collects a large number of views and comments gruesome story about an experiment with a dream, which was held on the eve of the war in the Soviet Union. Interest warms already the entry itself: the reader promise secret and supernatural information.

The purpose of the experiment, which was conducted in 1940, was to introduce the breed of people who do not need sleep and can work day and night. Gulag political prisoners who have had very long periods, offered a deal: for participating in the experiment, they will be released. Required to live one month without sleep.

How did the experiment in sleep deprivation

It participated in the experiment, five prisoners. At first they were just pleased to be able to lie and read in comfort. Their camera was sealed, there is constantly pumped gas-stimulant that is not allowed to sleep. Using the device provides continuous monitoring of the gas concentration, since at high doses was very toxic. Tracking of subjects is provided by means of cameras and two-way mirror. Each of the prisoners had a microphone, with which they had the opportunity to chat with the observers. In the early days of these tracking systems do not interfere with the guinea people and do not even get their attention.

On the fifth day, the subjects showed signs of irritation and stress. They randomly wandered the chamber, muttering softly and occasionally started to complain about the inmates in microphones.

On the ninth day of the camera walks turned into universal and throwing a tantrum. On the 14th day of the prisoners began to go mad. They then howled, then wept. One of them decided to get rid of the system of observation and carefully smeared their feces all mirrors. Since then, observers could only hear the prisoners, but no one dared to enter them. Then suddenly there was silence. oxygen consumption level was high, though the subjects were engaged in physical activity.

The researchers turned to the prisoners through the speakers that now will check and ordering microphones lie on the floor, promising that one will be released. Answer was: "We do not need more in freedom."

Intrigued by the observers withdrew from the gas chamber and opened the door. Their eyes appeared a terrible picture. The five-day supply of food was untouched. Three bloody experimental begged again to close the doors and put the gas. They were torn bellies, and apparently, they ate a last five days. fourth body was torn apart, and the fifth was sitting in a corner, fumbling in his torn stomach from time to time something there ate. Observers have tried to link them and bring him into the hospital, but encountered fierce resistance. The prisoners fought so that broke their bones and torn muscles, without feeling pain, a damaged spleen and died almost immediately. three caused serious injury to the guards remaining. One of them gnawed his throat, the other was killed because he had bitten off testicles and bitten through an artery in the leg. The remaining five soldiers after some time suicides.

The three survivors of the subjects were taken to hospital, moreover, they almost managed to break the linking of their belts. Of these, one died as soon closed his eyes. The autopsy report stated that in his blood oxygen content was 3 times higher than normal. He had broken bones 9, almost all - as a result of muscle strain during the fight. He was operated on 6:00, returning to the place of fallen bodies, and restoring the torn muscle. From anesthesia, he refused and did not react to the manipulation of doctors. Subjects were struggling to stay awake. At the hospital, he died one more: as soon as he fell asleep, his heart stopped beating. The two prisoners left alive. With regard to further action test, opinion was divided, defeated to re-place them in the chamber together with three observers, but one of them pulled out a pistol and shot the commander and one of the subjects.

He sent a barrel on the remaining, still bound, while the rest of the committee members ran out of the room. "I'm not going in there with these creatures! Not you!" Cried the scientist. "What are you? I have to learn it!"

"- Have you so quickly forgotten we - it is you we -. The madness that lurks within you, which seeks to break free at any time throughout their animal depth We -. Something from which you hide every night It's us you're trying to put to sleep. and paralyze hiding in shelters, where we can not penetrate. " The researcher, after some hesitation, shot in the heart remains the subject, his last words were: "... So close to freedom ... ..." Through whom this story became known, remained a mystery.