Top 5 movies about human vices

Human vices: weakness or sweet? Perhaps, in the world there is no man who could be described as clean and pure. Is that a newborn. About vices write books, talk on television and make films. Vices are everywhere! We have prepared a list of the best films about human vices, which will satisfy even the most vicious.

1. "Nymphomaniac" (2013)

Erotic drama director Lars Von Trier's about a young girl, Jo, who suffers from nymphomania. Battered and dirty it is an intellectual Selingan. He brings her to his home, and she tells him the story of his life, from 2 years old when she first discovered that she has female genitalia. Joe loses virginity at age 15, after which actively change sexual partners. Continuing his sexual adventures, in one day she realizes that does not feel anything. Joe falls into a deep depression. Years later, she decides to restore its sensitivity and visits sadomasochist. Visits occur more and more often.

The ending of the film is very unexpected. It turns out that people are overly obsessed with sex, ready for terrible acts. Watch the movie and find out what he had done, Joe.

2 "21" (2008)

Cult film about another human vice - gambling. The film is based on Ben Mezrich book "Beat casino.", Which tells about a mathematics student who used card counting system and beat several large casinos, with the result that became owners of several million dollars. It takes place in the 90th. It all started with the fact that one of the students do not have enough money to continue his studies at Harvard. The unfortunate man even thought to sell junk food, but soon realizes that the way to make $ 300 000 just unreal. But do not forget that our hero is a mathematician! He quickly realizes that his mathematical ability is very bad will help him in blackjack. I went heat ... In this movie, the ending is interesting not so much as the process, because whatever it is that students are not particularly legal.

3. Requiem for a Dream (2001)

US drama "Requiem for a Dream", first shown to viewers in 2001, is considered one of the best films of the drug problem. The film shows how drugs demolish dreams. Each character about something dreams, but "powder" was played with both of them a cruel joke.

Top 5 movies about human vices

The film takes the 39th place in the ranking of the 100 best films of all time, and we have to admit, deservedly so. Rank pictures - 9, 3 out of 10. The point of the film lies in the simple - good people die. From drugs.

4. At the end of the tunnel (2015)

Crime drama "The end of the tunnel" affects no less important problem of mankind - the theft. A gang of thieves trying to break the bank, paving the underground tunnel under the building of a major bank. Their illegal plans become known to the protagonist of the film Joaquin, paralyzed man in a wheelchair. He lives in a neighboring house and watching them, but will not report to the cops. He said that he had a chance, Joaquin decides to steal the money from the robbers.

The film's title until the last gives hope that the hero will see the light at the end of the tunnel. But you see? Find out for yourself.

5. Scum (2011)

Dramatic film "Scum" from director Tinggi Krishnan tells the story of a former soldier and an alcoholic, living a lonely life. Frank, was the name of an alcoholic, in addition to suffering from alcoholism uncontrollable bouts of anxiety. To add to his solitary life a little "spice", Frank decides to shelter at Lynette, a homeless teenage girl, which radically changes his life.