5 of the most common things that suddenly become musical instruments

• 5 most common things that suddenly become musical instruments

Today, most often listen to music electronically or in digital form, but "live" instruments continue to occupy a central place in the concerts. And while some musicians are content with the usual guitars or drums, the other dreams about the "musical instruments". They are inspired by anything from standard household items to the natural elements, and even your own lunch.

5 of the most common things that suddenly become musical instruments

"Amazing Grace" on cabbage

Junji Koyama downloaded as a network in which he plays a well-known melodies, using a variety of vegetables, and then has become a real star of YouTube. He has been in this for nearly 10 years and spends a lot of time searching for "suitable" vegetables in the local markets. After Koyama completes the loading of each video, he happily eats his unusual musical instrument.

Over the years, Koyama used as a nasal flute celery, carrots as a slide whistle and radish as the ocarina. In the above video plays on the Japanese cabbage melody of the world famous Christian hymn "Amazing Grace" ( "Amazing Grace").

"Ghostbusters" on transformers Tesla

Fanatic design and construction of unusual units Fabrizio Frantsoli previously experimented with the creation of electronic music and often attract the hardcore audience of those who seek to improve their own technique record. But in this video, he proved once and for all, that he is not afraid of no ghosts: Frantsoli played the classic theme from "Ghostbusters" to ... Tesla coils, transformers.

Green leaf

In 2007 Otanerom Kasiyasom was uploaded to a YouTube video in which an old man in the historic center of Guadalajara plays a simple melody on ... normal green leaf, torn from the tree. A man who plays on the sheet name is Carlos Garcia. He is the father of four daughters, who once recorded an album titled "Nuevo" with a group of San Francisco's Kronos Quartet. Who is Carlos Garcia lives on benefits in as little as $ 25 - $ 30.

"For Elise" on the pipes of PVC

The man under the pseudonym snubby J is known for the fact that he makes music in his spare time and puts it on YouTube. In this video he impressed the audience, performing Beethoven's composition "Für Elise" on PVC pipes.

"Ave Maria" on the saw

Back in 2008, an aspiring musician Austin Blackburn stepped on stage during auditions for the show and hit UK talent judges, performing song "You Raise Me Up" Secret Garden group on the saw. "I hope to bring new sounds in the music world - Blackburn explained before how to get out of the scene -. People need to know that there is unattainable." In this video Austin Blackburn performs classical melody of "Ave Maria" on the saw.