"This I successfully went!": The best quotes movie characters Leonid Kuravleva

Who just did not play Leonid Kuravlev! Once I am not jumping from epoch to epoch, from the character in the character! I played and the positive of the Soviet people, and immoral elements. Foremost and alcoholics, heroes and thieves. Even an alien, even the famous Armenian endocrinologist. October 8 Leonid Kuravlev - People and famous, who played two hundred roles in the film - said the 80-year anniversary.

Leonid Kuravlev rose outskirts of Moscow in a simple family. When chose an acting career, all relatives was struck by fighting and indignantly said: "We Kuravlev one son, and one crazy!"

At the time, the future of the legendary actor was expelled from VGIK - he could not overcome the stiffness and tightness. But then recovered. A year later he became the best student of the course. He was called to play these guys in the Soviet board, and he humanizes them. Called play adventurers, petty criminals, and they became the main characters, phrases and songs which went to the people. "Actually, I played three thieves - Georges Miloslavsky Shura Balaganov in the" Golden Calf "Schweitzer, Smoked in the movie" The venue can not be changed. " Three thieves - and all of them loved the audience, I do not understand why, "- he wondered Kuravlyav.

Kuravlev played little people who dream to cheat age. They themselves understand the futility of trying. But it kuravlovskih heroes - right or wrong - the audience loved. No, not to take their example, but simply felt that they - their intelligible.

George Miloslavsky. "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation"

Citizens, keep the money in a savings bank! Of course, if you have them ...

What Fedenka, no war right now we do not have?

Tell your king, my heartfelt greetings!

Oh, yes you, your honor, sliced ​​...

No need to rush! Sit down, I always have time!

Oh I do not like, oh trash!

What are you looking at me like, a father, me no patterns and flowers do not grow!

Inspector Granden, "Look for the woman"

What you're beautiful when you silent!

Shura Balaganov, "The Golden Calf"

I did not mean to, I automatically! Here's a cross!

I recognized his brother Kolya!

Athanasius soup, "Athos"

What are you, never have dinner? Camel, or what?

I do not have to work hard after work.

Polkapli to smell.

Thank you, Father, for bread you will not smear.

Zavitushkin Volodya, "It can not be!"

Take mental, and then to marry stop!

Mom is not good at all. I do not understand what it among healthy hold without warning? She's at the table can be someone to stick a fork!

I may, in the past month preparing for the sacrament of marriage! I can, in six months went to the barber shop, a bath! ..

I like the groom embarrassed to ask about such intimate things.

And now slipped some crap - and live with him!

Misha Dyatlov, "The most charming and attractive"

- The first time I see trainers who do not have pineapple.

- Well, we do not have pineapple!