How to safely drive a car in winter

• How to safely drive a car in the winter

According to statistics, in the winter of accidents on our roads grows significantly. The reasons for this lie in a multitude of factors, but most of the responsibility lies in person at each of the drivers. Reassessment of its own forces, one wrong move and counter accident refilled one or more other participants.

Winter road does not forgive mistakes, but most of them can be prevented by following the basic rules of behavior of the car on winter roads. There is nothing complicated, but they allow you to save the car and health intact.

The most important thing on a winter road: relax, breathe deeply and be quiet. Panic and frustration never helps. It is necessary to concentrate on the road and follow these simple tips.

How to safely drive a car in winter

Slow down!

Move to always be aware that control the car. If you do not practice driving on snow and ice - should go slowly. If your tires are seen better days and wear - do not rush to accelerate. Owners of cars with low ground clearance should be careful doubly because of snow drifts on the road, clinging to the bottom of the housing and can greatly affect the controllability of the car. Slow down!

How to safely drive a car in winter

Proceed smoothly

On the road with poor traction all your actions should be extremely careful. In no case should not be sharply on the gas, brake or turn the steering wheel. According to statistics, the highest number of incidents with a loss of control occurs at the rotated wheel. In this case, the vehicle axis are not parallel.

Try to maintain as much as possible smooth arc when turning and changing lanes and uniform stroke while driving.

How to safely drive a car in winter

Let there be light!

Feel free to express yourself. Make sure your headlights are on and do not forget about the turn signals when changing lanes and cornering. In suburban road necessarily apply light signals to a distant road bend. It is possible to indicate an oncoming car on your approach.

How to safely drive a car in winter

Beware of trucks

Large heavy car is very difficult to stop in poor grip. Any uncontrolled braking in turns wagon neupravlyayumuyu torpedo. When approaching the wagon always try to keep your distance sufficient to maneuver or braking.

How to safely drive a car in winter

Do not stop

If visibility is reduced to zero, in any case do not stop at the roadside - in this case you run the risk of accidents is guaranteed to fill up the statistics. If you want to stay - find the nearest safe exit or refueling.