10 books that did not let

There are books - read and immediately forget. And there with a long finish, so-called "book-a hangover." After them, it is difficult to move - because of their history with a head dive and then do not want to go back to the boring reality.

In this collection of 10 books, which will not come off during the reading, and then they still did not let your thoughts. And then you can do something to read!

10 books that did not let

The Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold

10 books that did not let

Fourteen Susie becomes the victim of a serial killer. Concluded between the worlds, Susie watches as her tragic disappearance of changing the fate of friends and relatives. She is desperately trying for a moment to return to the world of the living to help unmask the killer and fulfill their fondest wish.


Victor Pelevin

10 books that did not let

protagonist of the novel - a businessman Steve, whose best friend - the number 34, and the worst enemy - the number 43 ...

Stepan remembered that when he was very young, the colors were all digits. Then they faded, only four remained well distinguishable green at seven - Blue and three - faint traces of orange paint on the central projection.

The Thirteenth Tale

Diane Setterfield

10 books that did not let

Margaret Lee gets to the famous writer Forms Winter offer to become her biographer. Miss Winter is famous for the fact that he had not said a single word of truth interviewer. Before Margaret's story unfolds twin sisters, that is strangely connected to her personal history.

Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami

10 books that did not let

... In the evening I was selling records. Cost supply of rock as the store gathered hippies and bums - some danced, some smelling solvent, someone was just sitting on the pavement. In general, I no longer understand what's what. "What is it - I thought -. What they all want to say?

If you only knew ...

Elchin Safarli

10 books that did not let

"If you only knew ..." - this is the story of one woman's despair. About where you can tell the only snow-white diary sheets. This is a story about feelings, doubts, expectations, and such fears, which often help to start life anew.


Neil Gaiman

10 books that did not let

Under the streets of London there is a world of which most people do not know about. In it the word becomes a real force. There can be accessed only by opening the door. This world is full of dangers, it is populated by saints and monsters, murderers and angels.

Perfume. Story of a Murderer

Patrick Süskind

10 books that did not let

"Perfume" Suskind was published in Switzerland in 1985, translated into dozens of languages ​​and took a firm place among the world's best-sellers. This mysterious story, romantic detective will long excite, attract and intrigue readers and critics.

Of Human Bondage

W. Somerset Maugham

10 books that did not let

The share of Philip Carey falls many tests: the early death of his parents, desperate search for their vocation in the world, doomed relationship with a frivolous woman. Having undergone a lot of frustration, changing their views on the subject property prior to the passions of self-denial, Philip is trying to thread by thread to weave a pattern of his own life.

The mysterious story of Billy Milligan

Daniel Keyes

10 books that did not let

Billy wakes up in a prison cell. He reported that he was accused of rape and robbery. But the last thing he remembers - it's how I wanted to jump from the roof of the school building. Since then, seven years have passed. Billy in horror: he once stole a piece of life! What does it mean? And why is "again"? Billy can not answer, because Billy was gone.

The Call of the Cuckoo

Robert Galbraith

10 books that did not let

When the infamous top model, falling from a snow-covered balcony of his penthouse, to his death, everything is decided that it was suicide. But the brother of the girl can not accept this conclusion and refers to the services of a private investigator called Cormoran Strike.