"Cuckoo" - a cruel game of Russian officers, the defeat of which - the death

• "Cuckoo" - a cruel game of Russian officers, the defeat of which - the death of

The true pride of Russia always was its army to victories fields acquire immortal fame his true courage and heroism. Not only our compatriots, but also foreign thinkers for centuries have wondered: "What makes the Russian soldier invincible?" According to tradition, the answer is vague shrug and recalling the "mysterious Russian soul".

We will not take away bread from philosophers and conduct lengthy discourse. We'll just tell you a story that will look into the depths of desperate Russian fatalism and rollicking, mockingly attitude toward death.

In fighting the garrisons all over the vast empire helped brighten up the boredom of Russian officers prelyubopytny game - "cuckoo". Let not the reader harmless name. Defeat in this game often meant death. Nightfall, taking the revolvers and ammo, a dozen officers locked into a shed, stable, or any other large space. In complete darkness the players disperse on different ends of the hall. In the dead silence was heard only as triggers cocked revolvers ...

Dmitry Nikolayevich Logofet - General of the Russian army, a military journalist and writer: "... one of the lot, most cuckoo must submit ... rassyadutsya ... And quietly, so quietly all will become, even breathing can not be heard. And then a cuckoo and shout: "Cuckoo" ... rest in the voice of a cuckoo and shoot ... How grabbing nearly a volley ... Tra-ta-ta, and clicked the bullets on the walls ... And again, again softly, so that he can hear, his heart pounding in his chest ... And then again: "Cuckoo." And in response: tra-ta-ta ... Just the same, many were excited. Shoot, shoot ... listens, and again: "Cuckoo." Forget that it is your brother, cuckoos, and just think, 'Wait a minute, damn, here next time I'll be like srezhu ". It happens that in turn kukuyut, but with a place to run across ... And how will shoot, so by listening to - the whole battle ... so fun to do. "

Of course, for many game turns into a tragedy. But do not blame the players, and accuse them of idle murder. Let the narrator finishes the story: "... it seems - wild game, but to control himself accustomed ... look, a fellow in all took part: in the different stories, and the cuckoo played, and a tiger walking ... and generates so that the nerves like ropes . The first man then found himself in the war. Laugh at yourself, and I still say that this reckless daring served good, nurturing the spirit, which distinguishes always Turkestan forces ... Here you condemn the cuckoo ... But to herself brought up a whole generation of Turkestan officers in mind that life - penny and because these rascals then and show when it was necessary, miracles of bravery ... All in good time ... "

And you say, "300". And if there was an ancient Roman god of war Mars - to guard him shoulder to shoulder would stand Russian soldiers.