10 places of military glory of billionaires

House tricks "Cherokee", the State Property Committee, the headquarters of "Gazprom" and other iconic for Russian capitalism places on a Moscow map

Excursions in Moscow mansion XIX-XX centuries, which belonged to the richest people in the pre-revolutionary Rosssii -. A common theme for the day of sightseeing. But on the recent history of Russian capitalism guides until they tell. To fill this gap, the Forbes presents his guide to iconic places where formed the largest state of our present.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

The building of the Moscow City Council (now - Moscow Mayor's Office)

Tverskaya, 13

House of Moscow Governors-General, built in the XVIII century, in the late 1980s and became an important point on the map of Moscow business: it housed the Moscow City Council committee on cooperative activities, which received a certificate of registration of all the cooperators. He headed the commission the next mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, has worked as a secretary, Yelena Baturina, in the future - the wife of Luzhkov and Russia's richest woman. The first registered its cooperative "ANT" Artem Tarasov (later he was the first official millionaire in the USSR because of paid personal incomes party contributions), the second - the future president of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov, and behind them stretched and other future billionaires, including were Roman Abramovich, Vekselberg and the creators of "Alfa-group" headed by Mikhail Fridman.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

The former State Committee for Property Management (now - Federal Agency for Property Management)

Nicholas Lane, 9

Here, in the first half of 1990 were decisions on the privatization of industrial and commercial enterprises, which have grown rich thanks to many businesses, including Forbes list of participants. And in November-December 1995 in the building of the SPC were mortgaging auctions, through which Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky in return for the loan the state will receive a controlling stake of "Sibneft", and Vladimir Potanin and Mikhail Prokhorov became owners "SIDANCO" and "Norilsk oil company nickel. " Application claiming to "Norilsk Nickel" Bidzina Ivanishvili and Vitaly Malkin was rejected, and they made a scandal right in the trading hall. However, even without the "Norilsk Nickel" the founders of the bank "Russian Credit" later managed to become billionaires. A "SIDANCO", which is not as noisy claimed "Alfa Group" Mikhail Fridman, later joined the TNK-BP, created with his own participation.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

Business Center, which hosted the auction pledge on shares of "Yukos"

Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 34/21

Most of the 12 shares auctions were held in the building of the State Property Committee. An exception was made only for the two companies: trading in "Surgutneftegas" held in Surgut, and on the "Yukos" - in the business center on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where the bank "Menatep" Mikhail Khodorkovsky led accepting applications for the auction. It was typical of zalogovh auctions: is the financial group, which was stronger than all the interest in the asset, and took requests for bids (to participate in the majority of trades have to contact the office of "ONEKSIMbank" Potanin and Prokhorov). The auction of 45% of shares of "YUKOS" won, of course, the structure of "Menatep". At the time of opening of the envelopes in the hall lights went out. "Inkom", - joked one of those present (the bank, not later survived the crisis of 1998, and claimed to "Yukos" and "Norilsk Nickel", and "Sibneft": but each time to no avail).

Now that the business center is FSUE "Rosspirtprom" and "Sojuzplodimport".

10 places of military glory of billionaires


Former Reception House "Cherokee"

Novokuznetskaya Street, 40-42

"Logovaz" - a car dealership company, one of the first, which was founded in the early 1990s, Boris Berezovsky. A "House of Cherokee techniques." - mansion late XIX- early XX centuries, where thanks to the efforts of Berezovsky in the second half of the 90s shifted the center of political life in Russia. There held meetings Berezovsky, communicate the people around him. It sought to get those sought-powerful oligarch location since the late Yeltsin. This building had been anyone who had any serious attitude to big money and big politics: by Anatoly Chubais to Tatyana Dyachenko, from Roman Abramovich to Vladimir Gusinsky. In 1994, near the building it was made an unsuccessful attempt on Berezovsky. After immigrating to the disgraced oligarch from Russia in connection with criminal proceedings house in Novokuznetsk he was replaced by several owners. Recently, there has an independent charitable foundation "Triumph - New Century" and the restaurant "Revolution".

10 places of military glory of billionaires

"Gazprom" Headquartered

Nametkina 16

Here is the central office of "Gazprom" - the largest company in Russia and the state of the source of considerable number of participants in Forbes richest entrepreneurs ranking.

One of the leaders of Russia's richest Alisher Usmanov worked here advisor chairman Rem Vyakhirev (office "Gazprominvestholdinga" from which grew the business empire Usmanov, was located nearby). In January 2002, the reception of the new chairman, Alexei Miller was arrested Goldovsky, general director of "Sibur", the largest petrochemical company in the country. The high-profile case was the personification of the outbreak ekspensii "St. Petersburg", which culminated in the establishment of control over the environment of Vladimir Putin "Gazprom" and related industries.

But today, the power of big money leaves the "pencil" to Nametkina. head office divisions gas workers are preparing to move to St. Petersburg.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

Former RAO UES headquarters of

Vernadsky prospect, 101, K.3

Moving energy monopoly Kitaigorodskii with directions, where in Soviet times housed the main remote control power grids of the country, on Vernadsky Prospekt in 2000 became one of the symbols of reformation. The building, known as the "Oil House", was purchased by RAO UES Anatoly Chubais on the initiative. It was here that came to him on a visit of courtesy Andrei Melnichenko, who was the first of the big businessmen began buying shares in the stock market subsidiaries of RAO in the hope of future growth of their capitalization. The calculation was justified - and Melnichenko with his partner Sergey Popov entered the list of Forbes. The reform of RAO UES was completed July 1, 2008, the company ceased to exist. Now "Mosenergo" is located in the office building, whose shares are bought "Gazprom" at the time of reform.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

The hotel "Baltschug Kempinski"

Baltschug Street, 1

The lobby is one of the first five-star hotel in Moscow 1990-2000h was a favorite meeting place for businessmen and officials - not least because on the opposite side of the street Baltschug raspolalagalsya business center "Baltschug Plaza", owned by Roman Abramovich's Millhouse. In the mid-2000s in the lobby "Baltschug Kempinski" was even arrested by the Federal Tax Service officer with a bribe for a million dollars. In the spring of 2003 there is a meeting of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Abramovich, where they and their partners have agreed to create a company "YukosSibneft", which was to become the largest private oil company in Russia. Before the beginning of the case "Yukos", which completely overturned this and many other investment plans, remained a matter of months.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

SEC Office "Development"

Grenade Lane 1a

In June 2005, in a cozy house in Grenade Alley (Moscow Center) broke into a hundred able-bodied men with baseball bats. The building housed the head office of the SEC "Development", one of the largest construction companies in Moscow.

Guard house in Grenade Alley resisted, but was forced to retreat - the forces were unequal. The invaders took away documents from the safes. "ER" took away several dozens wounded.

"Battle" in Grenade was one of the final chords of the war, Suleiman Kerimov, and the family of the Moscow businessmen Voronin, who owned "development." I won a clear advantage won Kerimov.

The outbreak of violence in the center of Moscow has reminded "dashing ninetieth". However, typical of that time ways of doing things are still relevant in the environment of the richest Russian businessmen.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

branch of the Moscow State University student house №4

Lomonosov Prospect, 31 K.4

Nevrazrachnaya brick five-story building on the avenue Lomonovskom - this hostel, where to this day the students of the Moscow State University inhabit. On each floor - 36 rooms, facilities in the corridor.

In this building in the early 90's began his career current billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, at the time - dropped out a former student of the Physics Department of Moscow State University. In one of the rooms "hostel", he organized exchange. And I engaged in lending - to lend money at an interest rate of 1% per annum.

Later, the business has grown in the "MDM Bureau" Finance and credit companies. One of the founders of the company was Andrei Melnichenko, his partners - fellow students of the physics department Yevgeny Ishchenko and Mikhail Kuznetsov. It later became the MDM deciphered as "Moscow Business World", and the first three letters of the nickname friends hiding - Miller, John, Moishe.

By the end of the 90s, MDM Group, has grown up around the eponymous bank, it has become one of the most prominent in Russia. It is composed of numerous industrial plants collected in the course of fierce corporate conflicts.

Should come down some time MDM Group was disbanded Assets - chastnichno sold. Cam Andrei Melnichenko has focused on the management of a group of "EuroChem", one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world. Melnichenko is now ranked 11th in the list of Russia's richest people with a fortune of $ 8, 2 billion. He owns one of the most spacious in the sailing world. Estimated price - 400 million euros.

10 places of military glory of billionaires

House of Culture MISA

Leninsky Prospect, 4

Who knows what would have developed history of Russian business, if not the House of Culture of MISA, which in the 1970s-1980s were Vladimir Vysotsky, "Time Machine" and other popular performers from the Moscow students. It is this DK spodvignul Mikhail Friedman enter the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys after he was not accepted at MIPT in the Department of Chemical Chemistry because of his Jewish origin. And MISA he met with all its business partners, founded the first cooperative for washing windows and founded the "Alfa Group", all of which founders became billionaires. Olga Proskurnina, Mikhail Kozyrev, Ekaterina Eremenko