Some women in Russia did not take married?

• What kind of women in Russia did not take married?

Some women in Russia did not take married?

Previously, Russia had its canons of beauty, health and so could not marry every girl. No girls in Russia grooms passed it by?

One of the key roles played matchmaker with matchmaking, since they were sizing to girls in rural areas, and determined, it is suitable for family life or not. They are followed by how hardworking girl, evaluated its beauty, manners, obedience to parents. Not the last role was played by the age of contenders, as well as its external data.

For example, it was not customary to marry girls thin. Why?

First of all afraid to take "yalitsu", ie a barren girl. It was believed that the thin girl can not get pregnant or carry a child. In lean women often narrow pelvis, so in ancient times, they often died in childbirth, or died as a child. Another thinness was considered as pain, for example, it could be a sign of tuberculosis, or consumption.

In addition, thin girl could not pull your entire economy. Russian women are not only spinning at a window in the evening, but also worked in the fields, doing the housework, in the garden, trimmed the whole family, take care of children, and this requires not a little effort and energy, which in lean is not there. It was also believed that if a girl is skinny - it means from a poor family, and wealthy peasants like to see his family only equal to not have parasites. Thinness of our ancestors considered a sign of deformity, degeneration.

Drinking virginity

The issue of virginity few people are worried. If a girl before marriage was a child, it is meant that it is suitable to continue the race of her future husband, as has already fulfilled its main duty - to bear children.

Features exterior

The presence of even small scratches, sores, and even the common cold could jeopardize the future of the marriage of the girl. At best, the bride's family was able to get rid of her daughter, increasing dowry. If the girl had a serious illness or injury - it was considered defective. Also did not want to take the married women who had any marks on the body - large birthmarks, moles, because they were considered severe disabilities. In this regard, the bride tried and no one to show any scratches, bruises heal just before the wedding.

Bride before the wedding is still carefully guarded because the virtues that were trying to stop the wedding. For example, the Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich wanted to marry Mary poor gentlewoman, and his mother did not suit this candidacy. When the wedding, the bride became ill was to take place, the disease reason was simple - she was poisoned with stale cake with whipped cream, she slipped the mother of Mikhail Fedorovich. Although health from her all was well, this fact has led to the termination of engagement. At the time, the course went all - and magical incantations, and women's tricks.


The best age for marriage is between 12 to 15 years. And the girls could marry at age 12 and boys from 15. If a girl turns 18 years old or more, and her no one would marry, she risked and does remain on the shelf. It was believed if the girl did not have time to get married, then later to do it does not make sense - it means it - it is not so, and taking damaged goods nobody wanted.