The simple truth of life that you know is not right

There are the lucky ones, who from the beginning knew how to do the right thing. But most of us have to fill a lot of bumps to find the right path. To protect you from some of them offer you a few reasonable ideas based on life experience.

The simple truth of life that you know is not right

Protect Health

If there is no health, everything else can be incredibly difficult. Of course, you can not guarantee to protect themselves from injury or serious illness, but keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating right, you give your body the best chance.


Enough to make plans and wait for the right moment. Just start and change plans along the way.

Do not try to bring happiness to everyone

Be white and fluffy for all, of course, nice, but impossible to carry on their shoulders the weight of universal happiness.

Do not tell people about your financial situation

So it will be easier to find real friends.

Your happiness should not depend on other people

Dependence leads only to complicate relations.

Plan how you will live in retirement

If you are at all going to retire. The sooner you stop to think about it, the better.

Do not take life for granted

Everything that you know and love, can disappear in an instant.

No one can beat his own spoon

Exercise - this is fine, but no exercises will not be saved with overeating. Learn to eat right!

Release the anger of

Too much in this life can cause an attack of anger - from a random comment on the network to phrase said your mom on the phone. Throw it out of my head. Anger does not solve the problem, just raise your blood pressure.

You can not change people

Only they themselves can change if they want to.

Be water, not rock

Plans for the future a good thing, but do not lose your temper when something went wrong. Get over it and continue to do their job. Build a new plan. Be water.

Do not short

Sometimes you need to force yourself to communicate.

You do not have anything to anyone

Except in cases when they should. But now we are talking about those moments when people make you feel guilty. Learn to recognize when you are trying to use. A true friend will not put pressure on the emotions.

Set the boundaries of

Sometimes it is necessary even with family members.

Soda is very harmful for the teeth

And you have only one set of teeth

"Someday" - is now

It is today the perfect day, which you expect to be happy.

People will use you if you let them

It is necessary to understand the boundary between kindness and the transformation in pad feet.

Keep the physical form of

Back in shape is much more difficult than to maintain it.

Learn to say "no" to what you do not like ...

... and "yes" to what you like.