Habits that can be developed through reading

Habits that can be developed through reading

The word "read" we usually mean by "smart". Of course, to this identity it was the right one, you need to read out high-quality books, rather than conveying reading.

Therefore layfkouch Chad Grills compares books to technology - to be useful, you need to be able to use them properly. He also called the seven habits that seamlessly produced from a person who reads a lot. They are quite unusual, but it makes us better.

The most useful definition technology, which I've heard is very simple: the ability to do more with less effort. I take a book and reading as technology. We have only one life, but with the help of books we can get the wisdom of thousands of lives. When the author writes, rewrites and edits, he turns the words of others in a more perfect version of ourselves. When you read, you spend time in a meditative state with a wise man in his perfect incarnation.

Books - this is the most underrated in the world of technology. How do we know that they are so significant? It is enough to see how the worst and the best people in the world history, spoke about the books. Worst sought to overthrow, to ban and burn them. The fact that the books have enemies who want to destroy them, says the extraordinary force lurking in the books. Most people admire the books and are not afraid of their praise.

Like any other technology, if we use the book without a purpose and intent, they will not zavedut. But if we understand how to properly assess, select and purchase them with investments and incentives (to buy, discuss with friends or a book club), books are priceless. Here are seven habits that develop in people by reading books.

1. Books and reading - the best nootropics

I apologize to all fans of modafinil, but this book - the first and main nootrops brain. Sooner or later the effects of nootropics disappears, but reading is constantly developing your mind, giving him a lifelong impact. Side effects of the books tested time and that there is a modern nootropami? Not really. When you get used to taking such nootropics such as books (information, wisdom, and so on. D.) Method such as reading, the effect is multiplied constantly.

Read the 500 pages every day. So working knowledge. They are built like compound interest. Everyone can do it, but I guarantee that not everyone will be - Warren Buffett.

2. Books and reading develop your mental operating system

Best books are written when the author falls into a state of flux. He translates his wisdom, muse or insight with minimal ego. When the reader is looking for wisdom in the intricacies of the words and flows into its own state of flux, there is magic.

I do not know how it works, but after each reading the book, my mind feels more advanced. Programming your mind consciously fall into a state of flow of another wise man - a strong piece. When we improve our mental operating system, our main application (speaking, writing and communication) run faster and smoother.

3. Books and reading allow to practice the art of quiet and self pastime

Eric Hoffer was something very upset when he said: "Alone with him we are in bad company." Perhaps initially it is, but we can change that. You need to work hard to become a good company to yourself. But if you read, pause to reflect and constantly improve themselves, it is possible to achieve this. In reading, we train and program your mind to perhaps the greatest challenge of our time: All of mankind's problems stem from the inability to sit quietly in a room alone - Blaise Pascal.

4. Books and reading are inspired to achieve direct experience

For everything in life is a compromise, but a lot of reading (best book) never dangerous. The quest for wisdom, it seems, only wish that we can meet without risk to overdo it. Having read quite a lot, we have loads of good ideas and the courage to go out and explore the world. Having refueled enough wisdom, we get the inspiration to begin a new journey and heroic deed.

The desire to see the whole season of the show sometimes leads to suspension, but immersion in books on the contrary stimulate the desire to return to the world. Combining the wisdom of books from first-hand experience of life full of adventure, we always remain in the win.

5. Books and reading - the practice of meditation, in which you get used to listen to the thoughts of the wise man

The more we read and spend time with a book, the more we practice mindfulness and meditation. Reading helps us to train patience, calmness and the ability to dive into one thing for a long period of time.

6. Books and reading allow strategically to dissociate itself from the toxic society

Sanity in this culture requires a certain amount of alienation - Terence McKenna.

Books and reading - the last acceptable reason to be alone in the modern society. If you need a break from the people, there is no better insulation than the book. Books help us shut out from the crowd.

7. Books and reading - the vehicle for safe delivery of Truth

Of course, I am sure that I will fulfill its task as a writer at all times - even more successfully and incontrovertibly than in life after death. No one can block the way to the truth, and to promote it, I am ready to accept even death. But is it possible that repeated lessons finally teach us not to stop the pen of the writer during his lifetime? At no time is not ennoble our history - Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Throughout history, the book was given to artists, masters and philosophers safe means for transporting the truth. What I mean?

The world is full of people who hate to think.

When they hear the wisdom that instinctively react, and may even attack the man who brought them the truth. Many in the human society does not like the idea of ​​comprehending the truth or heuristics and development of ideas about how the world works. As Strauss imagined the best secrets are often hidden inside stories.

Most creative people know that this is so and that the only way to deliver the truth, survived the attack - to enclose it in a book. The more interesting story or a parable, the more readers will accept new ideas. And because the book can be sold, these ideas are able to survive the attack, and the author can get a small reward for their ideas. This is a big step forward for the people. If you look at history - those who are forced to think of other, often made scapegoats, demonized or driven out. But the book gave Exiles a potential tool in which you can invest your ideas and even distribute them, without fear of attack. The developed world has changed the way we pursue the truth bearers. In the past against them terrible tortures used (they are stoned, crucified), and now they can sue, zatrollit in social networks or slander.

Books can be quite advanced technology, but they still have a limitation. They do not work as long as we do not take the trouble to read them. They are useless as long as we do not buy one and will not accept read or can not find the book worth it to read it again.

Technology can not saturate our lives - it is subject only to ourselves. When we take the ideal technology, like the book, and use good, we build habits that fill our life, inspire the people around us, and sometimes even discover the secrets needed to create new types of ideal technologies.