Courteney Cox on women

• Courteney Cox on women

Courteney Cox on women

1. Pull the pants. You're not fifteen rapper, and we want to see what kind of shape your ass.

2. Do not pull his pants up to his armpits. You do not vosmidesyatipyatiletny accountant, and we do not want to see what form your device.

3. Honesty - that's the key relationships. If you can simulate it, you win.

4. Meet with a man just for the sake of the grand stand is no big will. Because orgasms do not last too long.

5. Do not neglect the kisses, even if all the blood had already moved away from your head to other parts of the body. 6. We call on your hands more attention than you think. If they do not look like a man, it is a minus, but if your nails are longer than ours, can immediately be free.

7. Past us hundreds of men go every day. You need to do something such that it be seen.

8. Women talk too much. So we arranged. Sorry.

9. The deal is a deal. Since I decided to get married, this hack to death on your nose.

10. Since paragraph 9 often raises questions, I would advise you to read it again.