What if your girl for gender equality?

Once this happens to every woman: she feels that her rights have been violated, and it is committed with righteous anger, demand equality. Today we will talk about how to satisfy the desires of "domestic feminists"

The root of all evil

What if your girl for gender equality?

If your woman / wife / girl suddenly began to think about equality, when suddenly her little head came the idea that you willfully infringe on her rights, think. Perhaps she had too much free time? Maybe your beloved just nothing else to do? Try to distract her from these thoughts.

But if you still do not work, and she is still confident that you malicious tyrant home, here are a few tips on how to convince the faithful of her in this.

What if your girl for gender equality?

First, let's understand what it is all about, and where it came from?

Equal rights - is gender equality, to a certain point, a woman decided that men are allowed to work longer, discriminate against women, and they would like to have an equal share in social power, equal access to public resources.

Okay. Of course, equality only require from you, not from all men, so do what you can. Arrange the equity in your life together. Make it easy, just let your girl does the same thing as you.

Here are a few examples:

Hike to the supermarket

What if your girl for gender equality?

When going to the supermarket, imagine as if you are not a fragile uschemlonnoy woman and another. The cost of buying offer divided into two, that would be fair. Purchases from the store carry along, because now you are equal, then the man should not be dragged behind a pile of packages, while uschemlonnaya woman flits ahead.

Employment and Finance

What if your girl for gender equality?

If your woman never worked before this time, ask her to find a job. (Decree does not count, in which case you just need to endure, and it is better to try to give birth, that would certainly everything was honest)

The family budget is now a member of your salary, and spent it anyway. For example, wanted to buy a louse passion some obnovochku you're going and then buy something for yourself. Reproaches answer in one sentence: "We are now equal."

Home Wednesday

What if your girl for gender equality?

Then you, too, are coming home to make a meal and ask why not hung shelf and not fix the toilet. Spend every weekend spring cleaning, but let them move the couch and out the trash itself. Everything has to be honest.


What if your girl for gender equality?

, too, now you are in bed, and it means that the posture should be chosen such that would suit everyone.

Anyway, now you can head hurt, too, and you too tired.

By following these rules, you will quickly show your woman all the "charms" of equality, and she immediately changed her mind.

Warning! The article carries entertaining. The above - sarcasm, not a call to action. If your woman wants equality - arrange a joint vacation, it solves almost all problems.