Myths about water, you do not want to believe

• Myths about water, you do not want to believe

Water - the essence of our life, of course. Without it, a person can not hold out for a week. Water makes up as much as 60% of the weight of our body and plays an important role in the hell of that body to function normally. Maintain the water balance is very important, but no less important - to realize what you are doing.

Myths about water, you do not want to believe

The water can easily turn into a real poison, able to bring the body is not a small loss. Remember, though, medieval water torture. At the moment, there is a whole series of myths about hydration, which is not only untrue, but also can harm you. Today we debunk some of the most persistent stories about water, to believe that you need to stop right now.

Myths about water, you do not want to believe

Two liters per day

It is the most famous and one of the most ridiculous rules, followed by a very large number of people. It all started with an article that allowed himself to be published in the Journal of the American Physiological Society, Professor Heinz Veltin, not bothering to search for any whatsoever evidence. In fact, there is no precise data on how much water you need to drink it to you on a daily basis. It depends on many factors: weight, temperature on the street, daily activities, and most importantly - diet, from which the body draws up to 40% of water standards. So how much water you need to drink? Trust your body. Thirsty - drink.

Myths about water, you do not want to believe

Thirst - a sign of dehydration

Strictly speaking, this is true. Thirst causes a decrease in water content in the body. By as much as 2%. Not so scary, is not it? That is, you can not spend a lot of nerves, running in a panic at the slightest sign of thirst. The body will show you myself, when the danger level will turn red: when dehydrated by 8%, you will experience dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms.

Myths about water, you do not want to believe


Sports drinks

Tradition says that the best way for an athlete after a good workout, will be a special, full of electrolytes (salt ions) drink. It sounds pretty logical, because electrolytes and really important: they support the pH of the blood level and participate in the functioning of the nervous system. But, in fact, special drinks like Gatorage - product marketing exclusively. Such electrolytes may require you long after your workout a day. Not ready for a marathon? Walk around with plain water.

Water and toxins

It is widely believed that water flushes toxins from the body. This is not quite true. Popular misconception states - lots of water will help your body deal with the effects of a heavy weekend. In fact, it is enough amounts of water supports the functionality of metabolism, which is part of the natural process of liver detoxification. But too much H2O may, in fact, this process is prevented, since an overabundance of water decreases the salt concentration in the blood. Which may in turn result in damage to the liver and kidneys.