The history of private life Andropov

• The history of private life Andropov

The history of private life Andropov

On the personal life of Yuri Andropov knows quite enough, and information about his family roots and parents in general is extremely confusing and contradictory.

Secretary General of the Soviet Union itself is not very fond of it spread, and many handed about it had been hidden in the secret of the Kremlin archives.

Ancestors Andropov

The official biography of Andropov appears that he was born in 1914th in the station Nagutskaya in Stavropol. Father of the future head of state, Vladimir K., served on the railroad telegrapher simple. He died on a rampage while in the Stavropol province typhus. It happened only 5 years after the birth of his son, Yuri.

He raised the boy's mother Eugenia Karlovna. By the time of the death of Vladimir Konstantinovich woman he was already with him in the divorce. After that she married a second time and had lived with her new husband Victor Fedorov to old age. She came from an old Jewish family Fleckenstein. The family was very rich, stay with the king a large jewelry store in Moscow. It was located on Bolshaya Lubyanka and wore a plain name "Jewelry things."

Fleckenstein came from distant Finland. Eugene Karlovna received a good education and taught at a girls' school. Andropov said that she was not home, and the adopted daughter of Fleckenstein. He tried to hide his Jewish origins, and yet it was for him the nickname of "Jeweler" in the KGB.

The private family

Yuri Andropov was married for the first time in 1935. Marriage Nina Engalycheva lasted only 5 years old. A year after the wedding the couple had a girl Eugene, then boy, Vladimir. On Andropov's daughter only knows what she graduated and lived an ordinary, unremarkable life "average" Muscovite.

With the son of the situation it was much more complicated. Vladimir found himself the owner of a criminal talent, for which he sat twice. After the second period, he went to live in Tiraspol, but has gradually become an inveterate drunkard. He died in the hospital alone in 35 years. None of the family did not come to visit him. Secretary General was ashamed of his eldest son and watching him never to mention. In addition, the presence of his son-recidivist could be detrimental to his political career, and the KGB of "tainted" the parents do not take.

But Andropov had other children and another family. Second wife Tatiana (nee Lebedev) also bore him a son and a daughter (Igor and Irina). Igor quite met the expectations of senior father. He graduated from the Moscow State Institute and became a diplomat, ambassador extraordinary in Greece. Defended his PhD, he taught at the Institute of Canada, the United States and the RSFSR. Irina's daughter graduated from Moscow State University, she married actor Mikhail Filippov and worked in publishing "Young Guard".