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Now is the time to plan your vacation. This can be either a relaxing holiday on the beach under the sound of the sea, or active - for example, the rise in the mountains. Traveling not only help to gain strength for the new working year, but also to understand what is actually a person likes to do. We present 7 films about inspiring routes.

Travel that inspire Travel that inspire


A major role in the Australian film performed by Mia Wasikowska. She played Robin - a young girl who went on a trip with his dog and four camels. Robin decided to cross Australia, learned about this National Geographic magazine and asked her to write notes. Thanks to them, about the adventures of real-life Robin the whole world knows. Truthfulness presentation will spur many to repeat the idea of ​​this bold girl.

Travel that inspire

The Wild

Another picture of the solitary journey. The main heroine Cheryl chooses difficult hiking route through the territory of the United States. It does this in the hope that physical pain will replace the spiritual. She experienced a difficult divorce and had lost her mother. Due to the excellent acting Reese Witherspoon viewers on yourself feel all the hardships of the journey.

Travel that inspire


Art travel

Film for those who want to see Central America. Perhaps the act of the protagonist inspire these dreamers to a particular step. Connor Lane is the same as him, adventurers, along with that goes through uncharted paths. Why go to the routes that are known to all, it is necessary to open new!

Travel that inspire

Gulliver's Travels

A kind of reinterpretation of the works of Jonathan Swift. The main character of Gulliver name is sent to the Bermuda Triangle in search of sensations for your article. It falls into the vortex and finds himself in another world, where dwarfs live. Now Gulliver will have to adapt to a giant life. This fully its advantages, but there are also cons.

Travel that inspire


In this picture, we are not talking about the Bermuda and about a love triangle. Kate and Andrew fly to Malta, where they want to devote a vacation deep-sea diving. Their instructor is Max - a former lover Katie. The heroine finds evidence that the bottom off the coast of Malta's buried treasure. The three of them decided to find him. But in this triangle is always odd man out.

Travel that inspire


The heroes of this there are no names. Lieutenant met a stranger while traveling on the boat. They instantly fell in love with each other, each feeling was like a sunstroke. But later they realized that they could not be together. The lieutenant continued service and witnessed the "damned days" when the Russian Empire ceased to exist. Scale tape on the works of Ivan Bunin.

Travel that inspire

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

If the end of the world just around the corner, it's time to go on a journey in search of his first love. So does the protagonist, realizing that live in the last days of mayhem, he does not want to. His neighbor, Penny decides to go on the road with him. Spectators are waiting touching stories, full of meaning and humor, as well as a non-trivial end.