Iconic films of national cinema

• iconic films of national cinema

The cinema in any country there are films that changed the general direction of this art form. They either new technologies have been applied, or create new genres, or those paintings were appreciated at the major film festivals. But the most important difference - they were liked by the audience. Before you sign 7 domestic tapes.

Iconic films of national cinema Iconic films of national cinema


New last year, tells the real story of heroism and courage. Icebreaker "Mikhail Gromov," in 1985, nearly collided with an iceberg. But, to avoid this collision, the ship was caught in the ice, where he was forced to drift. Everything depended on the actions of the crew, any mistake could be fatal. In this film, starring Peter Fedorov, Sergei Puskepalis, Alexander Pahl and Vitaly Hai.

Iconic films of national cinema

"Night Watch"

This picture, taken 13 years ago, gave the national cinema to a new level. The film by Timur Bekmambetov has attracted the attention of fans and connoisseurs of fiction Sergei Lukyanenko and gave a new start career Constantine Knightley. Actor played the lead role in the film by Anton Gorodetsky, an employee in the Night Watch. Watch task - do not allow the evil to attract people to their side. The picture, though, and is removed with the use of old technology, still I look with interest.

Iconic films of national cinema



Danila Kozlovsky, without a doubt, one of the most popular domestic actors. He fulfilled in this tape a major role in connecting the image of the hero masculinity and drama. The film takes place in the early Middle Ages. In Russia reign cruel orders: the brother is obliged to avenge his brother's death. However, the hero, who lost his cousin, refuses to do so, for which he paid. It will be deprived of all that it is so expensive.

Iconic films of national cinema

"The Adjuster"

Each film by Kira Muratova - this event. It has not gone unnoticed and this picture. She stylized black-and-white ribbons. Starring George Deliev, Renata Litvinova, Nina Ruslanova. The film tells the story of piano tuners, which is crazy in love with Lina spoiled. She reciprocates it, but whether it will last a long time? Lina accustomed to luxury, a simple tuner can not give it to her. But for the sake of the woman he is ready for anything.

Iconic films of national cinema

"correct class"

This film took the young director Ivan J. Tverdovskiy. For him, it was the debut of the scenario and the second full-length work. Painting involves a serious problem: cruelty to children with various disabilities. The film was well received by critics in Russia, he has received numerous awards both at domestic and foreign film festivals.

Iconic films of national cinema

"The Crew"

Big picture was filmed in IMAX format, which allowed the audience to feel like participants in the events. And the events in the film is very intense - the crew gets into a disaster, from which can be selected, only rising into the sky. Everything depends on the team's experience. At the helm - a young but an experienced pilot Alexei and his mentor, Leonid. The relationship between these characters leave much to be desired, but it is necessary to forget everything - you need to save the crew.

Iconic films of national cinema


Another young and promising director, working in the genre of comedy - Zhora gooseberry. In 2013, almost all of the audience talked about this picture, many recognized themselves and their friends. The film is built around the wedding of the protagonists. They wanted to get married on the beach, but the stepfather of the bride at the wedding insisted on all the customs. Here begins the orgy!