Who preyed on human ancestors

Crown of creation man was not immediately apparent. There was a time when he was only a link in the food chain. This is indicated by numerous remains - especially Australopithecus, various types of which lived in Africa between 4, 2 and 1, 9 million years ago.

Who preyed on human ancestors


Who preyed on human ancestors

"Despite the fact that the eagles - just a bird, they can be the scourge of Australopithecus, which were also not very large. At least young ", - says the well-known Russian anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevskiy.

A classic example is considered to be the skull of the so-called Taung baby - baby African Australopithecus lived from 2, 5 to 3 million years ago. Taung - the name of the quarry in the South African province of Transvaal, where he found a skull. Entire forehead accident "baby" is dotted with characteristic marks that leave the birds of prey (it is important to understand that we are not talking about modern predators, and their ancestors, which, however, differed little from what is now) the skulls of modern great apes - vervet monkeys and baboons cubs hunted regularly.

Some scientists even believe that our desire to look at these big birds and admire them happening just because of the time and has a very prosaic sense. Forefathers bdeli keenly, as if someone has not carried off to heaven.

Flower tiger

Who preyed on human ancestors

or gulbagh. So called leopard romantic Indians - probably for the curly spots. They do not know Krsna's sons, this graceful predator has been the main trouble of our ancestors. The most terrible. Because this beast specializes just on such a production - medium-sized and fairly slow (compared to the gazelle). And leopards have been known to climb trees well. So Australopithecus, which is also very well able to climb the branches, there was no escape from them. The evidence of that - the bone with characteristic bite. For example, the so-called massive skull of Australopithecus from the same South Africa with two specific holes on the crown. And such examples - the mass. By the way, what scientists do find such a large number of remains of Australopithecus (which is really a lot) - "merit" exclusively leopards for which our ancestors were probably one of the main "dishes".

But the fact that they had finished or not often, just do not have time to finish eating, received hyenas. These animals accompanied our family history always. Even when a person has become a predator and hunter: scientists regularly find the bones of the dead ancestors, which were excavated by hyenas after death.

large crocodile went to Africa

Who preyed on human ancestors

ancestors lived poorly. Fed than is necessary, sick and died, just before the age of 20 years. We drank from lakes or rivers where they were waiting for the same hazard as the other animals - crocodiles. Not so long ago, it has been described a new species of crocodile, whose remains found in the Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania. Scientists have dubbed it cannibalism, that is a man-eater. It is truly a demonic reptile was the largest predator in the Olduvai, and on his head was small scaly projections that resemble horns.

There's also found the remains of Paranthropus boisei (the most massive type of Australopithecus, who lived from 2, 5 to 1 million years ago), and other mysterious bones, which in its time, and a new species was described - Homo habilis (handy man). In fact, many landmark discoveries of new species in the vast majority are victims of any predators. Both accidents have become dinner-eating crocodile. "Traces of crocodile teeth is quite recognizable - the marks obtained with the sharp edges of a triangular shape," - said Stanislav Drobyshevskiy. Interestingly, some of the remains of anthropologists identified as the left lower limb. Scientists joke that corona Anthropophagi style was enough for the left leg.

Time passed - people began to make tools, spread over the world and even smarter. But it did not save them. A new species - Homo erectus (Homo erectus, who lived on the 1, 5 million to 400,000 years ago) was a victim of the same crocodiles (not necessarily African). One of the proofs - the thigh bone with traces crocodile bites, found in the village Trinil on the island of Java.

The king of nature

Who preyed on human ancestors

For the first time our family of Homo (People) becomes one only at the "stage" Heidelberg man (who lived from 800 000 to 130 000 years ago) and one of the descendants of the latter - a Neanderthal. These lived longer in Africa, and in Europe, where the predators were also in abundance: cave lions, cave hyena, cave bears. Despite this, the researchers hardly found the remains of Neanderthal or Heidelberg people, about which one could say that they have fallen victim to the beast.

But on the contrary - as much as necessary. At sites of these two species are quite a few animal bones. Particularly favorite dish Neanderthals were cave bears. And some of their parking lot is likely to have been specifically designed to hunt these animals. Found their bone stuck in their stone-tipped. This means only one thing - the Neanderthals hunted, and very successfully. And in the caves of the Neanderthals, there are places where the bones of cave bears carefully stacked wall of stones in any niche. Chances are good that it is a ceremonial rite of Neanderthals, and many scholars suggest they have the cult of the cave bear.