Victoria Gazinskaya women

• Victoria Gazinskaya women

Victoria Gazinskaya women

1. Most wonder how this smart guys like real fools? Surely there are many both beautiful and smart women!

2. Women like geniuses. Sorry for all of them is not enough.

3. I think that everyone would fall in love with the brilliant composer. So far, women compose music did not work out.

4. Some of us would like to know how to give birth to men. Without this, the Gender Equality can be forgotten.

5. I think we are to blame, that the Cavaliers did not provide us a coat! Serve Serve, please! 6. Lord, re-read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky - it is written about us all.

7. If a strong floor removed, for example, films such as "Slave of Love" or "Man and Woman", why it is believed that "they do not understand us"?

8. I must admit: I want a man who taught me to be weak.

9. A female designer - is not the same thing as "my wife knows how to sew."

10. As strange as it may sound, we love putting other women and make them beautiful.