On the sun disappeared spots

• disappeared Sunspots

Disco Light is absolutely clean. What that means?

On the sun disappeared spots

of the solar disk completely clean.

Pictures Made Solar Observatory NASA's SDO (NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory), suggests: on our luminary all the spots were gone again. The only thing which was May 9, 2017, was lost. Spots were not on May 10 and 11 May there.

On the picture taken on May 12 spots was not again. The third consecutive day without them gone.

According to experts, in 2017 it has accumulated 32 days, when the solar disk remained completely clean. Exactly the same "clean" days were in the past year. But this is for the whole year. And now - in just 5 months. The point, perhaps, is a marked reduction in solar activity. What will happen to global cooling. And who knows, maybe observed quirks of weather - snow after a spring heat - harbingers of impending cataclysm.

Together with solar activity will decrease the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. As a result, will become more discharged Earth's upper atmosphere. This will lead to the fact that the debris will accumulate and not to burn.

Sun on the picture taken observatory SOHO May 12, 2017. Spots still there.

On the sun disappeared spots

In 2014 with the sun disappearing spots. Even then, it looked suspicious, because the light is in the middle of the 11-year cycle of its activity - that is, at the maximum. It had to be strewn with spots that just indicates activity. After all, they are associated with solar flares and coronal mass ejections. And here again it is not so. Scientists are concerned. It is possible, they believe that the spots may disappear for a long time - for decades.

This was back in 2010 - almost at the beginning of the current 24th cycle of solar activity - warns Matthew Penn (Matthew Penn) and William Livingston (William Livingston) of the US National Solar Observatory (NSO).

They echoed the researchers led by Richard Altroka (Dr Richard Altrock), an astrophysicist at the US Air Force Research Laboratory (Air Force Research Laboratory). They found strange in the motion of plasma flows inside the sun. And as a result, abnormal changes in magnetic fields. And it is from them - from these fields - and mainly depends on the formation of spots. As a result, Altrok with colleagues, too, too, predicted that in the coming cycle of solar activity will be reduced.

It should look like a "normal" Sun - stained. Images of Earth and Jupiter added to the solar disk for comparison.

On the sun disappeared spots

If the stains will stop appearing, the sun is likely to sink into at least over a prolonged activity. In the history of mankind something similar has happened. For example, 1310 for 1370 years, from 1645 to 1715. In those days, the number of sunspots declined a thousand times as compared to the "normal" years. And the earth covered the so-called small glacial periods. According to the chronicler, frozen Thames and the Seine, snow fell, even in the south of Italy. Over whether and when to wait for a new Little Ice Age, according to the researchers disagree. Some threatened that the Earth will begin to freeze in 2020, others - that before. They say, has already begun.

Yes, you may have to freeze. But it will be less of magnetic storms, from which many suffer. After the storm - they are from solar flares generated spots.

By the way

I've had worse, really bad happened.

There is evidence that our planet at least once - in the Neoproterozoic era, about 700-800 million years ago - was freezing, so that turned into a ball of ice. This svidetelstvovuyut glacial sedimentary rocks found almost on the equator. It turned out that the ice at the time covered the current tropical areas. God forbid, it happened again ... It is unlikely that such a civilization survive the harsh cataclysm. And in those days and the experience was something none.

On the sun disappeared spots

"Snowball Earth" - this was our planet when the sun warmed her really bad.