Things that make the workplace much more functional

• Things that make the workplace much more functional

Things that make the workplace much more functional

The best device for your desktop.

Currently, almost every week there is a huge number of various devices and accessories for life, life and work. Some of them are completely useless, while others, in turn, on the contrary - it is necessary to have at each workplace. About five of the most vivid examples of just such accessories and devices today, and will be discussed.

1. Blacksmith Desk

Things that make the workplace much more functional

A very stylish and reliable table.

The name of this table does have references to blacksmithing. Certainly, the work in the forge and office work is not at all the same thing. However, when it comes to the workplace at home, at the table can perform a variety of actions, and therefore need a thing most simple, reliable and robust. Table Blacksmith Desk - such. It is made of oak and iron frame. It looks like a rare curio. It also has an incredibly capacious box for a variety of accessories. The table is covered with varnish, which allows easy enough to clean it and in time put in order.

2. Z-Light

Things that make the workplace much more functional

A great light.

What a Mighty table complete without good bulb? The answer is simple - no. Table lamp is especially true for our latitude. In the case of the Z-Light, available to the user is a versatile lighting element, with a deep level of customization, which allows to adjust the lighting in the workplace as it is really necessary. In this case, the lamp is not very big and can be compactly folded, so you can take it with you. Can work, both from the network and from the battery, which is charged by means of micro-USB.

3. Backjoy

Things that make the workplace much more functional

also need to sit comfortably.

Now that we have over than sit and the cover, it is necessary to think about than to sit on. However, it will not about the chair. Office chair is very individual thing, but the thing called Backjoy - more than universal. What it is? Let's just say it's a bit of a cushion that will make "seat" is not only very convenient, but also much more healthy, especially in the field of posture - something from which suffers from so many people. Use Backjoy possible with any chair.

4. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Things that make the workplace much more functional

Excellent mouse to work.

It will be hard to find someone today who has been home to the desktop, and it would not be on it a computer. In this case, there is a detail that many PC users are very often neglected - is a computer mouse. In the market you can easily find a variety of options for this device, but today I would like to stay at this super lightweight and incredibly comfortable piece of engineering, as the Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft.

5. Twelve South BookArc Mod

It will help to optimize the space.

Today, every person at the disposal of more and more devices with different degrees of usefulness. Unfortunately, place them all at once on the desktop can be very difficult, even if it is vitally necessary. This can help in Stand Twelve South BookArc Mod, which will help to quickly and effectively optimize desk space.