Personal Diary: Why are it

• Personal diary: what are its

Personal Diary: Why are it

The man is constantly experiencing emotions, and he can be happy, be sad for a moment to be happy or upset in one day. Any impression of the event passes quickly, and even forgotten, so some of us want to leave it, not only in his memory, but also on sheets of paper.

So, many people start to write blogs: one with the hope that the manuscript did not read, while others, on the contrary, they write in order to further reading each line. And if in the latter case it becomes clear sense of capturing all of their experiences, then why make personal notes and hide them?

Personal Diary: Why are it

Frankness is not for everyone

Almost everyone starts to conduct a personal diary, turns around 13-15 years. Around this age, there are the first mutual or unshared feelings tied a strong friendship and comes complete solitude. At all events teenagers looking through the prism of their own emotions, which are so seething inside that there is an urgent need to pour it to someone else. It would seem that there are parents, sisters, brothers, friends, but sometimes that is not all you can talk frankly.

In such a situation, who, if not paper, you can trust your feelings. However, in the world of modern technology Many factories electronic diaries to quickly capture every thought. Thus, writing and pronouncing each word within themselves, people "pours soul," throws out a lot of emotions, does not bear the heavy burden of suffering. Rare cases when such descriptions are transformed into stories, or even novels.

Personal Diary: Why are it

The message for children

There are days when I want to make out the old clothes of their parents or grandparents. Among other things one can see a little worn book titled "Diary." One page after another tells about their first love, their first meeting with each other, hardships and happy moments of family life and so on. D.

Of course, watch it very interesting to dive into their world, to experience with them last moments, learn how to get to know the people closest. In addition, read these records even useful, because you can analyze the actions, behavior, attitudes, and not make the same mistakes that have made home.

Personal Diary: Why are it


Cognition itself

"Hi, my name is ..." - with these words can start the first line of personal records. No, the author has not forgotten its name and it is unlikely he wrote specifically for this purpose. In such a case, a person familiar with the present, as part of the family life and responsibilities at work do not allow to open up, to think about their aspirations, to voice his lifelong dream.

Diary will help to formulate thoughts, goals, recognize and reconsider their actions, after all - to look at ourselves from this. Record, which began with the banal love, may complete the analysis of his own life, which can be changed for the better.