Rules of supply on vacation

Rules of supply on vacation

10 simple tips on healthy eating during the holidays

To go on holiday - it's a good way to relax, but it is not necessary at this forget about health. The following fairly simple tips will ensure that food will always be healthy.

1. Breakfast

Rules of supply on vacation

Breakfast EVER!

No need to skip breakfast, as this is one of the easiest ways of healthy lifestyle. Anywhere, even at the airport you should not be hungry until dinner. Even just a banana and Greek yogurt in this case would be better.

2. Power on schedule

Rules of supply on vacation

Meals on schedule - the guarantee of health.

Regardless of whether to stay in the hotel "all inclusive" or snacking in bakeries and cafes, you can easily begin to overeat without realizing it. To avoid excessive deposition of fat, you need to make a specific plan, including time and place, when and how to eat during the holidays.

3. Adhere to the "one plate" rule

Rules of supply on vacation

What should be on the plate?

To avoid overeating at coffee shops, you need to follow these rules - "take only one plate for food and lay all at her at once." First you need to fill half the plate fruits and vegetables. a palm-size space necessary to fill proteinosoderzhaschimi products (the same meat), and the remaining plates serve for bread, potatoes or whole grains.

4. Go to the market

Rules of supply on vacation

Fruit from the market - a great choice.

You do not need to eat only what is offered at the hotel. It is better to be stingy in your local grocery store or market, and have it for breakfast and lunch. If you are lucky and the room has a refrigerator, you need to buy things such as fresh fruit and yogurt from the market.

5. Cook your own food

Rules of supply on vacation

Cooking your own food on holiday - so easily!

In some hotels in the hotel has a grill or kitchen. This is a great way to "meet" with fresh local seafood, vegetables or meat. Again, the more people will be in control of what he eats, the less calories.

6. Pamper yourself with

Rules of supply on vacation

To a loved one.

People go on vacation, to enjoy the pleasures of vacation, so why not taste the delicacies. Consciously, you can treat yourself to a bit of a favorite dish, not all in a row. You do not need to overdo it with meals.

7. A bottle with water

Rules of supply on vacation

and a bottle of water on the road ...

Cost always carry a reusable water bottle. This can help to kill the desire to eat, especially if food is readily available and seduces vacationer. Dehydration can look as hunger, so you need to be careful. Addition of fresh fruit to water may provide a refreshing beverage nutrients and small snack.

8. Fill your stomach with vegetables

Rules of supply on vacation

vegetables - it is always a benefit to the organism.

It should have as many vegetables and fruits as possible to fill the stomach with something other than water. After that, I do not want to reach for the next delicious bun.

9. Plan Ahead

Your restaurant - next!

It is necessary to examine the place where to go on vacation, and what is nearby. So you can choose a place to eat that is most suitable, and not to go to a nearby restaurant.

10. Share of food

Worth sharing!

Whenever you want to try something unhealthy, it is necessary to share it with someone else. It will be a good way to really taste all the local cuisine, because you can still enjoy your vacation, but it does not eat up everything on his plate.