Without which the harmonious pair cost in social networks

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Without which the harmonious pair cost in social networks

Do not put on Userpics sharing photos

Then the social network is no different from ordinary life. When the relationship is just beginning, from the outside it looks as if lovers want to become a single organism: all the time holding hands, kissing on escalators in the subway, the clock is overwritten and talk, most often on the same theme - how they They love each other and one can not be without each other. This is absolutely normal stage of relations and joint photo on userpic okay too. But this period comes to an end, and "half" again become individuals. This does not mean that they no longer love each other. This means that for each personality remains, and it is - a healthy relationship. And, most of all, happy. A relationship in which there is no "I", but only "we" - is a dependent relationship.

Do not follow the former

Because the past - passed. Happy couples do not need to confirm his happiness. A surveillance of the former, let's be honest, just for this purpose and need: to make sure that you have everything perfectly, and "the goat" fatter, zapleshivel, and his wife is stupid, scary and strazik.

But do not block their page

At the same time pretend that the former does not exist, happy couples do not need to. And they do not block the accounts of the former in social networks for two reasons: firstly, there is no need to prove to the partner, the past, because the partner is not satisfied with the scenes of jealousy on such a fool about, such as: "Why are you failing to ban - something waiting for? Do you want to come back ?! "And secondly, people in happy relationships do not need to prove to each other that this relationship - it is something they have always wanted. It is so clear. And to erase my past for this absolutely necessary.

Do not tag each other constantly

Write "We're going to rest Kotik @" - normally. But the tag of the partner for any reason, including posts about cleaning the apartment and watch the film, at least strange. If a pin is placed: My, my. Everyone understood that he / she is my / mine? In real life, such behavior - a sign of the desire to gain total control over a partner and subdue. Social networks - this is actually a reflection of real life, so there is something to think about.

Do not find out the relationship in the comments

To sort things out - fine. To do it in public - a sign of serious problems in a relationship. Not because it is elementary rude towards others and perhaps meanly towards the partner. This is a sign of a problem, because the public argument means that some of the partners (or both) requires the tacit support of others. Even silent. "You just look at it, good people, that he is!" And the fact that good people - virtual, does not change anything.

And in love, too, are not recognized by

The same effect: a commonplace phrase "Happiness love peace" is often interpreted as: "Do not brag about happiness, and even envy, and all will lose." In fact, nothing of the sort, of course. Just if you need to constantly scream at all angles "We - happy", it means that there is a need to prove it to themselves.

Do not complain about each other

Not because it's embarrassing. And not even because it is not fair to the partner and humiliates him: yes, this is true, and loving people do not want to. But this is not the primary reason. Primary - that in happy relationships, people can solve the problem without involving the court friendly to her. Because they love each other and that, in this case more important respect.

Do not hide from each other the posts

In a happy relationship everyone has their own space, their own interests and even their secrets. But about such secrets usually do not write in social networks, except that in the private messages of a close friend or a girlfriend. As for the open positions or open only to friends, the happiest people do not need to hide them from their partner. Because even if the partner does not agree on the nature and views diverge, respect still does not disappear.

Do not call each other for help in holivar

"Oh, @ Bob, you just look at that fool, she has ?!" The truth is I'm not like, really, really you?

Do not put dozens of hashtags

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You think it's a child on the pavement forbidden to write "Masha + Vanya = love" ?!